It’s not an ordinary ceiling fan. It’s SUPERFAN - INDIA KA APNA FAN

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Super V1's leaves are inspired by the petals of flowers. Its wide leaves deliver abundant air even at low speeds and it runs quieter. It is the perfect ceiling fan for places where quietness is appreciated – classrooms, libraries, offices, hospitals, bedrooms etc. Super V1 Ceiling Fan comes with a 6-key remote that has 6 keys for controlling the speed of Superfan. With electric consumption of only 40 Watts, Superfan is India's most energy efficient ceiling fan.

6-key remote, On / off, 5 speeds, 

Description : 

  • Energy savings, more than 56% savings, lower electricity bill
  • Ceiling Fan with Remote control, no regulator needed, saves space on switchboard
  • Ceiling Fan with High speed, high volume of air
  • Ceiling Fan with Consistent speed in low voltage and varying voltage
  • Ceiling Fan with Power factor better than 0.94
  • Service value of more than 6, more air per watt
  • No heat generated by fan motor, cool operation
  • No extra noise during operation from inverter supply
  • More number of fans or more hours of operation with inverter


  • Aluminium die cast body
  • Aluminium leaves
  • Sensor-less design for more reliability
  • Ergonomic design
  • LED Indication for remote operation
  • Feather touch keys
  • Powder coating
  • Green manufacturing (recycled card board box, ROHS electronics, VOC free paint)
  • World-class ball bearings
  • Parts from reputed sources


Ceiling Fan - Super A1
Span  1400mm
Series  V
Rated Voltage  165 - 230Vac
Rated Frequency  48Hz-52Hz
Input Power  40W
Power Factor  > 0.94
Air Delivery  270 CMM
Speed  270 Rpm
Number of Leaves   3
Remote Model  T1
Application  Class rooms, Hospitals and similar places where fan has to run quietly.


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